Powering Real-Time Simulation

RT-LAB is OPAL-RT’s real-time simulation software combining performance and enhanced user experience. Fully integrated with MATLAB/Simulink®, RT-LAB offers the most complex model-based design for interaction with real-world environments. It provides the flexibility and scalability to achieve the most complex real-time simulation applications in the automotive, aerospace, power electronics, and power systems industries.

Since its first application nearly 20 years ago on the Canadian Space Agency’s Canada Arm, RT-LAB has revolutionized the world of systems engineering, whether in space, on the ground or at sea. RT-LAB enables engineers and scientists to accelerate the development of new prototypes and to meet the most rigorous testing required by new and innovative technologies.

Advanced Features, Infinite Possibilities

The new version of RT-LAB brings features and improvements that allows you to better control, visualize, access and customize your simulation projects.

4 Steps to Real-Time Simulation

RT-LAB handles everything, including code generation, with an easy-to-use interface. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a Simulink® model becomes an interactive real-time simulation application.


Distributed and Scalable Computation

RT-LAB is capable of executing very large Simulink® models, in parallel, with any I/O capability. Its main uniqueness is its ability to easily share the load over multiple CPUs, even between several simulators with real-time communication links. Additional FPGA-based expansion boxes are also used to extend the connectivity with field equipment. With RT-LAB, users get a cost-efficient, scalable and flexible real-time platform, using only standard off-the-shelf technology.

Optimized for Real-Time

The Linux-based real-time operating system incorporates OPAL-RT’s XHP technology for extreme high performance. Without compromising optimal parallel execution, the simulator’s computational cores are shielded from real-time glitches, for jitter in the nanosecond range. RT-LAB comes with an ultra-light backend that guarantees hard real-time constraints, high synchronization accuracy, minimal overhead, and maximal data throughput.

User Interface

Dynamic LabVIEW® Panels

Directly in the RT-LAB user interface, it is possible to open LabVIEW® panels with controls, indicators and waveform graphs. Signals from the Simulink® model can be dynamically assigned to these graphical elements with an easy drag-and-drop operation, even while the simulation is running. Create realistic and sophisticated control panels made of gauges, dials, scopes and virtual instruments.

Easy-to-Tune Simulation Parameters

RT-LAB automatically manages a user console built in Simulink®. It opens at the start of the simulation to display the desired signals and to control parameters. RT-LAB also has a variable table in order to easily view and modify any data point at any moment. Model testing has never been easier.



RT-LAB’s acquisition system acts like a virtual oscilloscope, by allowing the user to visualize waveforms in real-time without glitches and data loss. It can run continuously or based on user-configured triggers to capture specific events. Its core engine provides the accuracy and the bandwidth for the most demanding real-time applications with hundreds of channels and microsecond precision.


With the possibility of recording thousands of measurement points, RT-LAB provides users with a complete data history. The format is compatible with other simulation and post-processing software. These advanced acquisition features are done without disturbing the real-time simulation and by keeping a maximal availability for executing the user’s model.

Test Automation


RT-LAB delivers quality analysis and validated results. It runs continuously, maximizing an engineering team’s productivity. RT-LAB’s test environment allows users to create complex execution sequences, simulating various manoeuvers and transient conditions. It runs edge case test scenarios that are considered too difficult, dangerous, or simply impossible to perform with physical test benches. It also includes a complete software-in-the-loop environment for earlier development stages, using the same test procedures. With minimal programming skills, users can conduct complex analysis and generate reports. Save time and money, while increasing your test coverage.


RT-LAB offers a complete set of test automation modules designed to write reproducible tests. These modules are based on leading technologies, such as Python, TestStand®, LabVIEW®, MALAB®, C/C++, and Java. They are easy to integrate with your existing applications.

Success Stories

NR Electric Uses RT-LAB Real-time Simulator to Test the Control and Protection System for the Zhoushan Multiterminal MMC-HVDC Project.

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RT-LAB integrated simulation environment with many features making model development and testing easier.

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RT-LAB, including software libraries and toolboxes that allow direct and accurate hard real-time simulation of power system models designed in Simulink and SimScape Power System

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