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Real-Time Simulation for Battery Management Systems

OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES, in partnership with comemso® , introduces top of the line Battery Management System HIL test solution. Our flexible BMS approach makes it possible to integrate new technology as soon as it is introduced into the vehicle. Our real-time solution easily migrates existing physical testbeds onto real-time HIL simulation platforms for testing your BMS.

Battery Cell Simulator By comemso®

Each comemso® BCS unit provides 12 cells and combines high-precision battery cell emulation with active sense adjustment on each voltage. Each cell includes fault simulation for generating short circuits, cable breakage and reverse polarity, as well a high precision current measurement system.

State-of-the-Art Real-Time Simulator

All simulators support MATLAB/SIMULINK™, where models of batteries, high fidelity power electronics & motors and virtual control unit can all be simulated in realtime.
- OPAL-RT OP4510 and OP5707 real-time simulators
- National Instruments PXI™ and CompactRIO chassis


OPAL-RT provides the engineering to extend the BMS HIL Test Bench functionalities; from extra protection, shunt emulation, break-out box, current and voltage sensing to complete vehicle control or ADAS systems integration.

Safe, Reproducible, Automated

The comemso® BCS allows you to test your Battery Management System at the cell-level and with more dynamics than ever before. The electrical emulation of battery cells puts you in the position of achieving safe, reproducible and fully automated testing of your BMS. The Battery Cell Simulator is the core of a BMS test system.

Battery Management Systems HIL Overview

Support of SimScape Power System Battery Model

OPAL-RT hardware directly simulates Simscape Power Systems™ battery models, configured to simulate most battery types (NiMH, LiON etc.) with different discharge characteristics. Voltage and current outputs can also be used to drive physical cell emulators.

Customer Success Stories

Learn how IAV Automotive used OPAL-RT real-time simulation for testing lithium-ion battery management systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Testing The Vehicles of The Future in Real Time

BMS Testbench Customers


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