RT-LAB Real Time Simulation of Electric Drives and Systems

Publication date : Dec 2005
Paper File : npec2005_opalrt_paper.pdf

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Simon Abourida, Jean Bélanger, Girish Nanjundaiah, Christian Dufour,


This paper presents the RT-LAB Electrical Drive Simulator technology along with practical applications. The RT-LAB simulation software enables the parallel simulation of an electrical circuit on clusters of PC running QNX or RT-Linux operating systems at sample time below 10 µs. Using standard Simulink models including SimPowerSystems models, RT-LAB build computation and communication tasks necessary to effectively make parallel simulation of electrical systems with low cost off-the-shelf PC technology. To accommodate the high bandwidth of electrical systems, the RT-LAB Electrical Drive Simulator comes with special Simulink-based modeling tools, namely ARTEMIS and RT-EVENTS that permits real-time simulation of electrical systems at practical time step of 10 µs but with sub-µs equivalent precision through the use of interpolation techniques.