OP4500 Simulator: RT-LAB / RCP / HIL System

The Most Powerful and Cost-Effective Solution for Power Electronic Laboratories

Product Highlights

The OP4500 is in line with OPAL-RT’s mission: to democratize real-time simulation without compromising on performance.

The OP4500 is the first compact real-time power grid digital simulator from $20,000*

  • 250 nanosecond model time step on FPGA chips
  • KINTEX 7 XILINX FPGA with 225,000 slices and 840 DSP multipliers
  • 4-core INTEL processors up to 3.3 GHz 
  • 64 DIO with 50 nanosecond latency
  • 32 16-bit fast analog converters

  * prices outside Canada and USA may be different.

** price for a simulator capable to simulate a power grid with up to 30 nodes.



Today’s challenge is to offer open and highest performance real-time systems at affordable cost but able to meet the needs of modern, fast and complex power electronic system design and test.

OPAL-RT offers a system that combines high performance, flexibility and low entry-level cost. The integration of high-end INTEL multi-core processors with powerful XILINX FPGA allows greater simulation power and sub-microsecond simulation time step to maximize precision of fast power electronic systems. 

The OP4500 simulator is the best value RCP and HIL simulator for power electronic laboratories. It offers the lowest price for control system test equipment using low-cost run-time licenses and optional development licenses. It is a compact machine with 96 fast I/O channels with signal conditioning, optical fibers and fully integrated with Simulink, SimPowerSystem, SimScape and OPAL-RT eHS FPGA power electronic circuit solver.

  • High-Performance and Real-time High-Speed Connectivity

Intel I7 processor up to 3.3 GHz and 4 cores

Xilinx Kintex 7, FPGA co-processors

8-µs model loop time for subsystem executed on the Intel CPU and less than 250 ns for subsystems executed on the FPGA chips

Four optional 5-Gbits SFP optical cable interface

  • Open and Optimized for Power Electronics

Compatible with RT-LAB, MATLAB, Simulink, RTW, Xilinx System Generator and LabVIEW

Advanced PWM signal generation with 10 nanosecond resolution for RCP applications

Compatible with OPAL-RT eHS FPGA circuit solver for power electronic converter and motor drive simulation

  • Low entry-level cost

Classroom and quantity discount

Lower price for run-time test equipment

  • Compact, portable and large number of robust I/O channels

Small 2U chassis for desktop or rack mounted application

Up to 96  IO channels with galvanic isolation, short-circuit protection and signal conditioning

Robust rear-side DB37 and DB9  I/O connectors with two wires per I/O channel for differential signal transmission


 OP4500 technical specifications table: