Olivier Rudloff

A 3-Level Neutral-Clamped Inverter Model with Natural Switching Mode Support for the Real-Time Simulation of Variable Speed Drives

Publication date : Jul 2009
Paper File : Paper-ElectroMotion09_dufour.pdf

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Olivier Rudloff, Christian Dufour, Cédric Bordas,


This paper presents a simulation model of a 3-level Neutral-Point Clamped IGBT inverter bridge suitable for real-time simulation testing of Variable Speed drives. The model is based on the switching-function approach, but also implements natural switching modes like Hi-impedance and rectification when no pulses are applied to the inverter. The model can manage a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with a sample period to PWM period ratio up to 0.1 while remaining accurate through the use of interpolation methods. The switching-function approach produces exceptional computational speed gain when compared to piecewise time-segment linear algorithms such as MATLAB/Simulink using the SimPowerSystems or PLECS libraries and can allow these simulations to be conducted in real-time at sample times of 40μs. Real-time simulation results including Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) applied to electrical power conversion systems for Marine applications are presented in the paper.

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